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Parkcrest Elementary

Dawson & Wallace | Kamloops

In partnership with Dawson & Wallace Construction, our team is helping to rebuild Parkcrest Elementary with a projected completion date of Spring 2024.

Full-Site Excavation & Formwork

Our civil construction team undertook a comprehensive excavation process. We meticulously dug out the excavation site, ensuring the groundwork was prepared for subsequent construction phases. Following this, we backfilled the excavation, providing a solid foundation for the school structure.

In preparation for the formwork, our team played a crucial role in prepping forms for form workers. Additionally, we dug trenches for indoor plumbing and electrical systems, ensuring that the school's infrastructure was well-integrated and efficiently managed.

Seamless Utilities & Infrastructure Integration

Our involvement extended to critical utilities and infrastructure work. We skillfully executed storm rock pits and connections, laying the groundwork for effective drainage systems.

Manholes and catch basins were strategically placed to facilitate efficient water management. We also handled the sewer main connection, water main installation, and conducted rigorous testing to ensure the reliability of the entire water system.

This comprehensive approach to utility work was crucial in ensuring the functionality and sustainability of the school's facilities.