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Bayview Heights

BOLD Properties

In collaboration with Bold Properties and PMG Landscape Architects, we constructed all of the softscaping and hardscaping surrounding the new multi-family development.

Low-maintenance Planting

Across the entire development, our team planting nearly 2000 shrubs and trees. The layout variety included mostly low-maintenance and native planting, reducing the need for excessive watering, pruning, and overall care.

Planting was done across the raised garden bed parallel to St. Johns Street, the community playground, and along the properties. Moreover, we constructed a 5000+ block engineered tiered valleystone retaining wall to structurally support the buildings and garden beds.

Community Playground

We wanted to make sure that the Bayview Heights community had an open space to entertain and exercise.

Our team installed a paver patio, playground chip area, playground fixtures, park benches, and cross trainer equipment.