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Building New Rhodes Across Canada

New Rhodes

One of B.C.’s leading full-service construction companies. We are proud to offer expert civil construction, landscaping, and carpentry solutions across all residential, commercial, and public properties.

— Construction Solutions

With over 35 years of proven experience in the construction industry, you’re partnering with a professional, trusted, and dedicated company.

Being well aware of the complexity and challenging nature of civil construction, we are committed to investing in new technologies to enhance all our projects’ precision, speed, and efficiency. We offer immediate services for all civil construction and upgrades projects, including bulk and detailed excavation to the highest industry level.

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When it comes to landscaping no job too big or small, that is why our crews are dedicated to all commercial and residential landscaping projects. Whether it is the addition of a few shrubs for a single-family home or the construction of a public park, we’re there to meet your project’s specific needs. With an emphasis on sustainable practices, sourcing local materials, and reducing site waste; NRC strives to create a positive impact on our environment through all our landscaping, riparian, and rehabilitation projects.

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By combining our exceptional craftsmanship with expert customer service, our team focuses on creating an individualized approach for all our carpentry and general contracting projects. From home renovations to commercial tenant improvements and public works, we understand that the key is in the planning and details.

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For all residential and commercial sites, maintenance is crucial to keep your property at its peak performance and appearance. We service all commercial and residential properties, local parks, and natural areas, prioritizing functionality, accessibility, and beauty.

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Communities Served
Years of Building
  • — The Process

    Quality Design & Planning

    Using the best proven technology combined with years of diverse experience, our team is able to design and craft your project’s vision into a reality.

  • — The Process

    Expertly Build & Enhance

    With our large range of services and expertise, we can build or improve on any project from any stage in the construction process.

  • — The Process

    Flexible & Rapid Response

    With each project we prioritize flexibility and customer service. Our team is able to pivot at a moment’s notice due to unexpected issues, additional work, or a change in schedule.

  • — The Process

    Long term Support & Service

    Relationship building is important to us. That’s why provide long-term support and servicing for all of our projects to maintain the high-quality workmanship we offer.

— Building Professional Relationships

We work closely with our clients to meet their needs and project vision.