About Us


NRC was officially founded December 8th 2017 9:20am. The companies roots, however, were set long before that. The foundation was set in 1986 by Cam Rhodes when he started Rhodes Landscaping and Bobcat service. Years of hard work and reliable service and sustainable growth in the Landscape construction and small equipment industry set the stage for NRC to be born in 2017.

NRC is a family-based local company that provides a verity of construction services including Landscape Construction, Civil Construction, Earthworks and Excavation, Landscape Maintenance, Concrete forming, Concrete finishing and Carpentry services.

What sets NRC apart is, the people! NRC isn’t just a company it is a family, our team’s positivity and work ethic is contagious. Our staff regularly hears comments from customers such as “why is everyone so happy?” or this from new team members “ You said everyone was positive, but everyone is actually happy to be here!”. Every team member is immensely proud of this phenomenon.

The future of NRC, our story is just getting warmed up. Through our entire team, there is excitement about what the future will hold, we have very ambitious goals, one being; to become the Healthiest company physical and mentally in the construction industry across North America (once we figure out how to quantify that), we would also like to be a household name throughout British Colombia synonymous with hard work and quality.

From our humble roots to our happy team and exciting growth, one thing is for certain, NRC will always be looking to take new roads!

Stay tuned!!

Our Team

Steve Rhodes 
General Manager

Cell: 604-317-6993
Cam Rhodes 
Director of Landscape Construction

Cell: 604-329-6579
Tyler Beaune 
Director of Civil Construction

Cell: 778-870-8781
Kyle Yawney 
Director of Earthworks Division

Cell: 604-313-1348
Aaron Pascas 
Landscape and Maintenance Foreman

Adam Horvath 
Director of Carpentry

Andrew McBoyle 
Civil Foreman

Greg MacDonald 
Landscape Construction Estimator

Ian Plasman 
Civil Foreman

Michael Brain 
Civil Construction Estimator

Nick Howell
Landscape Foreman

Team mascot