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Create New Rhodes With Us

When asked “ Is NRC hiring right now?” the answer is the same every time, we are always looking for good people who want to be a part of something great!

We promote versatility and adaptability through our ranks and train team members to become masters of their craft. All members of NRC are willing to take part in all the tasks and services we provide. NRC is committed to staying away from the revolving door method found in most construction companies and believe that long-term growth and opportunity outweigh the short-term financial gain.

If this methodology speaks to you and you are a positive, hard-working person looking for an adventure or just a great place to work, learn more about our opportunities below and join our team today!

What You Can Expect


Flexible career and educational opportunities to develop your expertise, skillset, and interests.

Challenging Projects

Work on challenging projects with a collaborative, passionate, and diverse team.

Job Satisfaction

Pride in seeing your work turn into a completed functional project

Work-Life Balance

To succeed in all aspects of who you are.

San Francisco Headquarter

— Find Your Best Fit

Full-time & Long-Term

Whether you’re experienced in working in the construction industry or starting out, we provide the mentorship, education, and job opportunities to help grow your career.

Across our three divisions, each team member has the opportunity to work on various projects and learn something new. The work, conditions, and challenges our team faces may be different every day, but we strive to adapt and succeed together.

No matter where you begin, NRC will be committed to supporting your career and personal goals. Learn more about our positions within each division section below.

— Types of Employment

Part-time & Casual

We are proud to provide a secondary income for those who don’t have the time to fill a full-time position. We employ musicians, athletes, students, personal trainers, first responders and even retirees who are grateful for the flexible schedules and additional income whilst they pursue their current endeavors.

Our team encourages passion projects, family time, and a balanced lifestyle, and by doing so, we hope to positively change the standards of the work-life balance in the construction industry.

If you're looking to broaden your skillset, become a part of a team, or just build projects with your hands, get in touch with us to see how we can support your personal goals.

San Francisco Headquarter

San Francisco Headquarter

— Types of Employment

Apprenticeship & Students

We offer many different red seal tickets or post-secondary opportunities for those interested in pursuing a ticket or degree in one more specific trade or field.

Our programs are designed specifically for everyone to suit their lifestyle, financial position and their goals in mind. NRC will also provide in house mental and physical health training, business training and mentorship programs.

By investing heavily in our team and their wellbeing, our mission is to provide an amazing environment and services for our community, customers, and families.

How We Support Our Team

Competitive Compensation
Health & Dental Insurance
Flexible Vacation Times
Vehicle Assistance
Registered Retirement Savings Plans
Career Growth Opportunities

Ready to join our team?

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