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Beach Volleyball Courts

Albion Sports Complex

We are proud to announce the successful completion of the beach volleyball courts project at the Albion Sports Complex in Maple Ridge.

Legacy Games Court Project

This project, commissioned as a BC Games Legacy Project for the upcoming Maple Ridge 2024 BC Summer Games, involved a comprehensive scope of work including excavation, site drainage, importing volleyball-specific sand, and the installation of volleyball court furnishings.

Building the Perfect Courts

The construction process for the beach volleyball courts at the Albion Sports Complex encompassed several key steps. This included excavating the site, implementing proper drainage systems, importing specialized sand suitable for beach volleyball, and installing essential court furnishings such as poles and rubber edging.

Each phase was carefully executed to create a high-quality facility that meets both competitive standards and provides a recreational space for the Maple Ridge community to enjoy.

Competitive & Recreational Community Space

The four newly constructed courts, located at the park's northeast area, not only serve as official venues for competitive beach volleyball but also provide a recreational space for families and friends to enjoy.

This project stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering high-quality construction solutions that benefit both athletes and the local community.