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Tait Waterfront Park City of Richmond & Dava Developments

Tait Waterfront Park in Richmond, British Columbia, is one of our largest combined civil and landscaping projects. Our civil team conducted the bulk and detailed excavation down to the site’s subgrade to prepare for the utilities installation. After the excavation and storm main work, we constructed the foundation of the play area made up of fibar EWF surfacing and installed the log playground equipment, picnic tables, bike racks, benches, and asphalt and gravel for the pathways and drive steam. A major component of this contract also included the installation of the smooth concrete architecture found throughout the park’s pathways.

Our team completed the entire landscaping and playground installation scope for the park. This work included installation of trees and shrubs, river rock beds, turf and sod, and playground surfacing. 

An important part of the project included the erosion and sediment control (ESC) designed to protect the environment from limiting sediment run-off and maintain the site’s natural infrastructure during our utility servicing. After excavation, we installed the water and storm drainage systems used to manage the site’s rainwater.

City of Richmond

Riverfront Park Pavillion

See how we constructed the park pavillion for the outdoor picnic and entertainment area. This outdoor structure was made out of aluminum and cedar wood with a concrete pad underneath.


Playground Work in Progress

Take a closer look into what it takes to build a natural-esque play space. Playground and park preparation work included the excavation, forming, grading, and park equipment installation. The playground equipment was built by KinsolPlay, known for their custom natural playgrounds and play environments for kids of all ages!

Park Pathway

Soon to be concrete pathway going around the playground which will connect to the rest of the park's walkways.

Playground Prep

Excavation, grading, and forming work in progress for the foundation of the playground.

Tait Riverfront Playground

Our Partners

We'd like to extend our appreciation to the City of Richmond, Dava Developments, and the rest of our amazing partners for making this park project possible.

The official park opening was August 30th, 2022.

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