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The Hard Bean Brunch Co Willoughby

New Construction

We are excited to have partnered with The Hard Bean Brunch Co as their General Contractor to build the second restaurant location and head office space located in the Township of Langley.

Full-Scope Interior New Build

From site preparation to occupancy sign-off by the Township of Langley, NRC managed all aspects of this project utilizing our own experienced staff and managing all trades and coordinating with the professional team to provide the Hard Bean with a high-quality finished product in a timely and cost effective manner.

The scope of this project presented complex construction coordination and management due to the variety of construction methodologies required, including 42 cores through the parkade suspended slab, engineered steel (concrete/steel mezzanine), wood framing, steel stud framing, and a suspended engineered ceiling.

Casual, Lively & Modern Dining Experience

While working with The Hard Bean team on the interior design and construction of the dining rooms, our focus was to build an inviting and energetic space.

The restaurant, center bar, kitchen, and bathrooms are equipped with top-of-the-line appliances and finishings to elevate the space from a typical breakfast spot to a beautiful all-day social corner.

The restaurants can seat up to 120 guests with over 25+ tables ready to entertain a range of parties in the dining rooms, bar, or high table tops.

Designed for Efficiency and Functionality

Efficient space utilization of any restaurant is a key element of success, as it ensures smooth operations and optimal guest comfort.

Our team helped carefully develop the layout and flow of the floorplan to maximize the functionality of the restaurant while maintaining a comfortable and enjoyable environment for guests.

While keeping the operations at the top of mind, all of designing was done in conjunction with the plumbing, electrical, AV, HVAC, gas fitting, sprinkler installer, fire suppression team, flooring contractor, drywaller, painters, tilers work.