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new rhodes construction RESIDENTIAL LANDSCAPING


NRC Residential Landscaping Terms of Service Agreement 

Updated: 09-01-24 

Thank you for choosing to partner with New Rhodes Construction (New Rhodes) for your project. To ensure a smooth project start-to-finish, please refer to our Terms of Service Agreement below for more information on the scope of work, pricing, and payment conditions. For any inquiries, please reach out to our team at 

This is a legally binding Agreement stating that you have read and understood all of the terms and conditions while using the residential construction services provided by New Rhodes. 


Scope of Work 

New Rhodes and its Affiliates are committed to completing all construction work accurately and professionally as outlined in the project documents. Any changes made to the scope of work after the deposit has been paid will be subject to price changes to accommodate for extra material, labour, and administrative costs. 


All items listed below are excluded from our services unless otherwise stated:   

  1. As-built surveys, other surveying, and layouts  
  2. Traffic control  
  3. All permits and city inspections  
  4. Engineering and geotechnical services  


Disposal bins may be required to temporarily be parked on the Customer’s driveway or on the street which may require a city permit obtained by the Customer. All permitting costs and fines associated with the disposal bin are the responsibility of the Customer.  

Please contact your local municipality to confirm if a permit is required for your scope of work.  


Site Conditions 

All estimates assume that the site will be clear of debris and in a condition that will not inhibit access or cause delays to our team and Affiliates. The Customer will be responsible for providing the water supply and hook-up. If the site conditions are not as expected, contain contaminated materials or invasive during excavation the homeowner is responsible for all additional removal, disposal, labour and equipment costs incurred. 

If New Rhodes encounters contaminated materials or invasive species during excavation, the Customer will be notified immediately. If the client removes the contaminated materials or invasive species, they will be responsible for the proper disposal as per the city by-laws and the rest of the project will be rescheduled.  


Extra Work Requests 

Any extra work requests will be invoiced either by time & materials based on our installation rates (See below) or estimated beforehand by the Project Manager. All extra work requests will be reviewed and approved by the homeowner before the work proceeds. Standard Crews include: Site Lead, Crew Member and Tool Truck. Any EWO work completed by a Site Lead will also incur the correlating Tool Truck Costs. Any Ewo work that surpasses 8 hours will be charged at time and a half for all additional hours.  

Minimum three-hour charge for each site visit unless already on site. Pricing is subject to change based on availability. Special equipment will have a specific installation rate.  


Standard Rates 


$75 per hour 

Carpentry Tool Truck  

$30 per hour 

Crew Member  

$50 per hour 

Dump Fee for Spoil Material  

Price dependent on total removals 

Site Lead/Foreman 

$70 per hour 

Landscape Tech 

$55 per hour  


$35 per hour  

Mini Excavator  (0 to 6 metric tones)  

$50 per hour  

Mid Excavator (6 to 10 metric tones)  

$60 per hour   

Skid Steer  

$50 per hour  

Tool Truck  

$25 per hour 


Project Cancellation 

In the event of project cancellation by the Customer, all deposits are non-refundable. If the construction has started, all incurred costs up to that point, encompassing materials, labour, and services charges become the responsibility of the Customer, and payment will be required upon receipt of invoice.  

Pricing Terms 

A 10% deposit is required within 30 days of receiving the estimate to confirm the pricing and project for scheduling. Specific material prices may need to be adjusted with market fluctuations of any increases over 5%, and timely notice will be provided. All machines on site will be charged at an 8-Hour daily minimum.  

All returns of materials are subject to a restocking charge in the amount of up to 15% of the gross sales price of the total product cost. Any and all bulk materials purchased are non-refundable.  

All estimates provide a budget material quantity, and the final invoice will reflect the actual total quantity required for proper construction.  

Payment Terms 

Projects below $25,000 will receive a single final invoice, while larger projects are billed through bi-weekly draws until completion. Invoices are due upon receipt unless otherwise stated. After a 1 week period, all invoices will be deemed overdue accounts. An interest rate of 2% per month will be charged on all outstanding balances and will compound monthly.   

Invoice disputes must be sent to within 30 days from the invoice submission date. If a portion of the invoice is being disputed, the remainder of the invoice is expected to be paid in full while the dispute is being negotiated.  


All trees, shrubs, and living materials are final sale and subject to a 30 day warranty period subject to inspection and negotiation based on the care and maintenance of the materials after installation, abnormal weather conditions, and species hardiness. The Customer is responsible for care and maintenance of any living materials after installation. Hardscape materials are subject to supplier/manufacturer warranty and New Rhodes provides a 1 year warranty on all workmanship.  


Terms & Conditions Updates 

New Rhodes reserves the right at any time to modify aspects of the website, services, terms and conditions, with important updates communicated to customers. We strive to keep you informed of significant changes related to your project or account.