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Privacy Policy

At New Rhodes Construction, our commitment to your privacy is paramount. We understand the importance of safeguarding your personal information and ensuring that it is used responsibly. This extended Privacy Policy outlines our practices and policies concerning the collection, use, and protection of your information.

Our Commitment to Privacy:

  1. Purpose of Information Collection: The primary reason for collecting your information is to provide effective communication during our service delivery, particularly in landscaping construction.
  2. Data Protection: We rigorously protect your privacy and personal data, adhering to high standards of security and confidentiality.

Key Policies and Procedures:

  1. No Selling of Information: Your personal information will never be sold to third parties nor used for unsolicited advertising.
  2. Service Offerings: We provide a mix of free online services and premium paid landscaping services tailored to meet diverse customer needs.
  3. Third-Party Partnerships: Collaborations with third parties are solely for enhancing our services and product offerings.
  4. Use of Project Photos: With your account creation, we may use your project photos on our website and social media, provided you haven’t opted out.
  5. Email Communication: We strictly limit our email communications to essential project information, updates, and necessary correspondence.

Scope of the Privacy Policy:

  • This Privacy Policy is an integral part of New Rhodes Construction’s Terms of Service, available at, and governs the information obtained through our Site, Software, and Services.

Our Business Model:

  • New Rhodes Construction specializes in both free and paid landscaping services, focusing on simplicity, efficiency, and enjoyment in the landscaping experience.

Information Collection Details:

  1. Project Content: This includes photos you upload, inspiration images, and detailed project descriptions.
  2. User Content: Personal information such as username, password, address, email, and phone number, essential for project proceedings and contact purposes.
  3. Payment Information: Secure online payments are processed through Stripe®, without storing your financial data on our servers. We ensure the security of other payment methods.
    • Note: Stripe®’s privacy policy governs their platform’s information handling.
  4. Automatically Collected Information:
    • IP Data: Collected upon accessing our online services.
    • Usage Information: Monitored via third-party services like Google Analytics for service optimization.
    • Device Information: We record the hardware and browser type to enhance user experience.

Usage of Your Information:

  • Your information is utilized for various purposes, including service provision, user authentication, transaction processing, website optimization, marketing, communication with service providers, account security, investigation of policy violations, and more.

Email Communications:

  • As stated, our emails are confined to project-related purposes, ensuring you receive only relevant and essential information.

Information Security Measures:

  • We prioritize the security of your Personal Data and User Content, employing industry-standard encryption methods. In the event of a security breach, we will act promptly to secure and recover user data, and will notify affected users without delay.

Through this extended Privacy Policy, we aim to provide transparency and reassurance regarding the handling of your personal information at New Rhodes Construction. We are dedicated to maintaining your trust and confidence in our services.