Make your next Underground, Resurfacing or Landscape Upgrade a breeze

We saw a problem within the industry – many contractors only offer their customers one service, with limited choices. You may find yourself having to organise multiple contractors, at great expense, for a job that could be done by one.

With NRC, we will provide you with a breakdown of services for multiple price points. This way, our customers are left with a solution to their issue, within their budget and in a timely and professional manner.

Our Services


With a team that has over 30 years of experience, NRC has one of the best reputations for Landscaping in BC, from design to construction.  We provide services at the cutting edge of new technology such as 3D designs, walkthroughs, and customer-contractor apps to make the process easy and transparent for all.

Excavation and Grading

Need some digging? We have a fleet of excavation equipment, both large and small and with a variation of loader rubber tire and track, to combat everything from large excavation jobs, to smaller hard to reach areas. Our experience operators provide service with a smile.


For replacing old perimeter drain tiles, NRC will be your only call. We have crews to excavate, plumb and replace all landscaping and hardscape drainage. The best thing? We will leave your yard as we found it, you will never even know we were there.

Drive Ways

NRC is proud to be one of a few contractors to provide residential homeowners with concrete, asphalt and brick driveways. With all these options, we will never try to sell you on a surface you do not need. We can provide a price for all three options, and make a recommendation based on your needs.

Erosion Control (ESC)

Need Erosion Control Plans implemented on your site? We have years of experience in building engineered sediment plans, erosion control plans and basic site cleanliness and safety.

Retaining Walls

Once again, NRC is taking a new road by providing all retaining walls currently available on  the market. We supply the following:


  • Poured in place concrete walls
  • Wood timber walls
  • Precast concrete blocks (allen block walls)
  • Stone walls
  • Boulder walls


All jobs, from large engineered walls to small garden walls, are rendered using 3D imaging to help customers visualize the finished piece before we start.


Old water lines? Broken sewer pipes? Our Civil Crew are experience in quickly replacing all City Services. Once the immediate problem is solved, our finishing crew can improve the site conditions with one call.

3D Landscape Design

Looking to upgrade your landscape? If you are looking to add some curb appear, or even an outdoor living space, our designers can help homeowners to bring their visions to life.  Our 3D imaging leaves nothing to question for our clients.