For all your Utility Installs and Upgrades

Utilising our crew’s experience in Civil Construction, NRC provides services for all aspects of Civil Upgrades and Construction, setting new industry standards in delivery and quality.

Our Services

Earth works

NRC has equipment and operators for all scales of earth work, whether it is excavating for large structures or hard to get to park-aids. We take pride on staying up with cutting edge technology, but avoid gimmicky equipment that add no real efficiencies or benefits.

Infrastructure/Site servicing/Utility

We provide start to finish site service installs. With industry leading safety protocols, you can be confident that your next project will be completed on time, on budget and in a safe environment.


NRC provides all resurfacing options for Parks and Municipalities. With over 30 years’ experience, you will not regret ‘Taking New Rhodes’ on your next asphalt, brick or concrete jobs.

Land Retention

NRC has worked on some of the largest Land Retaining projects ever seen in the lower mainland. We provide all engineered wall construction, including but not limited to Allen Block, Lock Block, Sierra Slope and Boulder walls.

Curb and Gutter Deficiencies

If your site has cracked or broken curbs, we can help. We provide full re and re of Curb & Gutter and Crack Injections.

Erosion Control (ESC)

Need Erosion Control Plans implemented on your site? We have years of experience in building engineered sediment plans, erosion control plans and basic site cleanliness and safety.


Our Landscaping division has years of experience in Riparian work, Park construction, and City and Municipal Landscaping, from street trees to Blvd. Rain Gardens. With us, you will have confidence in your inspections and have no trouble getting your bounding back in a timely manner.